There is no greater value in home improvement than a finished basement. There is no greater value in finishing your basement than adding a bathroom. We have the experience and expertise to bring your dream of another bathroom to reality. Our understanding of the building code and experience will help suppress your costs too and give your guests or teenagers another bathroom that is still affordable!
In fact we can do a complete bathroom in a basement that is fully operational in many cases for less than 9k! Imagine your house guests comfort if after a day of activities and sight seeing they could retreat to a sanctuary in the basement, lets their kids nap and they could relax and refresh themselves with a nice hot shower before you gather again for dinner? No longer will your family or house guests staying with you be required to skulk through the house above to take a shower or bring the Sunday times with them into your first floor powder room or lav.

Bathrooms For Any Budget

We can design and build a bathroom to fit any style or budget.

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Half Bath And Full Bathrooms

Should I do a half bath or a full bath? Ah that is the eternal question. We defer to your budget constraints on this one, but for reasons already stated we think at least adding a shower stall (very rarely do we add tubs in basement bathrooms) is a good bang for your buck. Teenagers or college boys home for the weekend? Adding a full bathroom in the basement will help keep those guests quarantined and out from underfoot until you can get their pancakes ready! At The Finished Basement we believe adding a bathroom in the basement is the best value in all of home improvement.

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Affordable Basement Bathrooms

Often the cost of remodeling a bathroom can run well above fifteen thousand dollars. Much of that cost is in the demolition and the complete 'redo' of the existing bathroom. Typically when we add a bathroom in a basement, we don't have to dismantle or dispose of existing, floor tile, tub surround tile, tubs and toilets. In this way the cost of a new installation can be surprisingly affordable because we start generally with a clean slate and we are not required to make any mechanical disconnections prior to starting the job. For that extra or vital second bathroom you have always wanted, please contact The Finished Basement today.

At The Finished Basement we are always in the solution! Through experience we have learned, that there is always a solution to any situation, problem or conundrum. Let us put together an action plan for your basement project today!

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