Want to turn that tired and dated basement into the place your kids will want to hang out in with their friends? Not sure if your older finished basement is up to code or full of mold? Should you do a partial remodel or start from scratch? Contact us today and we will help you determine your best choice! Because we specialize only in finishing basements, we can anticipate code issues or concerns and bring an outdated 1970's era basement into the 21st century. We will get rid of the beer lights, the faulty wiring and the mold and moisture and provide you with a proper remodel to get you through the next 40 or 50 years. We will find a way for you to get the desired outcome based on our vast experience over the last 20 years on the South Shore. We have now completed about 200 projects and are looking to stay on a roll!

Remodel Your Basement

Remodeling basements on the South Shore Massachusetts since 2000.

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Experienced Remodeling

In many cases when we look at a partially finished or dated finished basement it is better to dismantle what has been built and start from scratch. Thirty and forty years ago, it was very common for finished basements to be completed without a building permit. Often there are deficiencies in the design of the older basement, poor craftsmanship and sometimes outright safety concerns such as faulty wiring and mold. In most cases, when we are invited to integrate an older basement with a new one, we have to dismantle and dispose of some, if not all, of the previous work to be sure we meet current and far more stringent building codes, and ensure your family's safety and security. Let South Shore Finished Basements show you why your experience with basement remodeling will be a low pressure, yet highly focused experience.

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  • Over 200 Basement Projects Completed

Facelift or Full Remodel

If your basement needs a facelift or a safety evaluation we can help. We like to say: "Don't be a cellar dweller! Make your basement something stellar!" and we mean it. if we can salvage something from your previous finished basement we will. But we wont sacrifice your family's safety for a simple cost suppressive measure. One of the main reasons we have been the leader in basement remodeling in the south shore for so long is that we never cut corners and still remodel our basements in a way that will always balance cost, code and our client's objectives. Contact us today for a free estimate on your basement remodel project

We listen! At The Finished Basement we want your input and we want to know what you think. We actually listen to your ideas, concerns and technical questions. We want you to be informed and satisfied with every point you make and every question you have. Call us today and see why we are different.

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