Do I need a permit to finish a basement?

Yes. A building permit is required by the city or town in which you live. We handle all the paperwork and deal with the building inspectors everyday, so you don't have to. We know the Massachusetts building code and its part of our responsibility to pull the permits and schedule the inspections. We do it all so you won't have to do a thing.

Am I under any obligation?

You are under absolutely no obligation to us. We offer a free estimate as part of our no pressure approach to building a relationship with you. We think you will find our candid, straight talking approach refreshing and that you will feel comfortable with us from the very beginning.

How Much does it cost to finish a basement?

The costs vary from job to job, but in Massachusetts and much of New England the range of costs is from $ 25 per square foot to $45 per square foot. Usually the costs are around $30 per square foot, which is one fifth the cost of an addition, which run at $150 per square foot at a minimum. Typically smaller basements cost a little more than larger ones per square foot and there are a number of factors that can influence the costs of finishing your basement, like finished flooring, bathrooms, custom built-ins, bars and other custom features.

Is The Finished Basement Licensed and insured?

Yes. We are fully licensed and insured for General liability and workman?s Compensation. We are a professional organization that takes all our professional precautions seriously.

Does The Finished Basement use pre-fabricated panels?

No. Our philosophy is to make your finished basement an extension of your home. We don?t use panels or drop ceilings. We follow all the building code requirements as well as our commitment to excellence to make the transition from your first floor to your new finished lower level a seamless one. Often times our finished basements become the showpiece and center of family activity in the home. All of the materials, trim, style and comfort you enjoy on the first floor will be applied downstairs too. It will look, feel, sound, and smell like your house above because it will be constructed of the same materials and guided by the same code. If you want your basement to be constructed of fabric clad panels like an office cubical with a dropped ceiling we are not the organization for you.

How long will it take to finish my basement?

We can finish your basement usually in eight weeks. Think about it. In less than two months you could add 1000 square-or more square feet of beautiful, clean, dry living space to your home. Unlike those companies that use office cubical-like panels, we don?t just install panels; we construct a new basement from concept to completion so it?s not just a few days. We create a custom basement for you. Call or email today for a free in-home consultation.

Will finishing my basement be a good investment?

Yes, if it is done professionally. Increasingly in Massachusetts it is becoming an expectation of many buyers that the basement be finished when families look for properties. It is also true that one property with a finished basement-if done professionally-will easily be more attractive than one without a finished basement. Though in some parts of the country the pay off is not as nearly as high. In Massachusetts the payoff of dollar per dollar investment is at a rate of .89. The real payoff in finishing the basement comes in the quality of life it affords, and in the immediacy with which it can happen. Your finished basement can be completed and used in a very short amount of time. Secondly, finishing your basement offers a way to greatly expand your living space for one fifth (20%) of the cost of an addition. In challenging economic times such as these, the best bang for your buck is finishing your basement. If you need to expand your living space right now to accommodate loved ones, we can help. Call or email today for a free in-home consultation.

How can finishing my basement contribute to helping those in need in our society?

A portion of the proceeds for each finished basement we do now goes to The Massachusetts Alliance for Affordable Housing. This Non profit group is dedicated to rehabilitating and creating affordable housing for veterans, their spouses, the disabled, and others of those who are in need of a ?hand up, not a hand out.? TheFinishedBasement.Net is proud to be affiliated with The Massachusetts Alliance for Affordable Housing.

Does The Finished Basement do only basements?

No. We do kitchens, baths additions as well. We want to be your one stop shop for all of your home improvement needs. It is common for us to remodel a kitchen or a bath upstairs while we finish your basement.

Does The Finished Basement handle waterproofing or wet basement issues?

Yes. Our teams of affiliated basement-water-proofing specialist are standing by; to assist with your wet basement concerns. We want to make sure your basement is dry before we extend your living space into your lower level. Just let us know if the basement has a water issue, we will solve it for you, and then finish your space.

Can The Finished Basement help if my basement is damp and musty?

Yes. We can absolutely help you solve that problem. We have a patented fresh air and moisture control system that takes care of that smell and dampness. You will never have to empty a dehumidifier again with our system. Click on our air quality tab for more details.

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