Home Theater is the hottest trend in home improvement and remodeling. We have the experience to create your multi-media dream room in existing space, or to convert unfinished space such as your basement into a personal cinema. Doing it right requires deep knowledge of audio-visual (AV) technology combined with skill and experience at design, wiring and construction. Our three Cs, Components, Construction and Confidence, allow you trust from the start that you are in the best hands. Our people are also up to date with the latest technology in home entertainment to help your family with the best possible home theater experience.

Home Theater Experience

Immerse yourself in your own home theater experience.

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Custom Home Theaters

Whether you are a tech savvy veteran and a true 'gadget guy' or you would just like a to get the most out of a simple surround sound, our team of home theater experts can help you figure the correct system, sound and screen for your families needs and budget. We recently have been installing a number of audio pass through technology screens for some of our projector systems. In these cases, the speakers are hidden behind the screen and the sound passes right through the screen without any deterioration of sound quality!

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Stadium Seating & Power Recliners

With home theater the sky is the limit for your choices and options. In some cases we have built stadium seating with custom powered recliners and in other cases went in a more cost conscious direction simply by adding a nice thick plush carpet and beanbag chairs on the floor in front of the screen for the kids. Whatever your family's objectives with home theater, we can help get you started. Let South Shore Finished Basements help you determine your best course of action for years of shared memories watching movies or games together.

At The Finished Basement we value a good pace of work. Our skilled-tradesmen understand the balance between rushing a job and keeping a good healthy pace. Unlike the stereotypical contractors who slow to a snails pace, we like to keep the trains running and running on time.

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